A Walk With My Dog Angel

6 09 2012

I love my dog Angel. I like to go walking with Angel and when I do I like to keep her on the leash. Oh, sometimes I let her off the leash to give her some freedom to smell and run and have a good time, but I always keep a very close watch on her and when she gets a little careless I put her back on the leash.

I don’t put Angel on the leash to be mean or to prevent her from having a good time. I put Angel on the leash because I love her and the leash is for her own protection. If I let Angel just do whatever she wants she’d unwittingly wind up getting herself into trouble. She’d might get off on a sniffing spree and wander into traffic or get lost. She’d might chase after a bird or squirrel and again run into traffic or get lost. The leash acts as a protection for her and it disciplines her.

I think Jesus is the same with us as I am with Angel. I think that Jesus knows that if He left us to ourselves we’d just wind up getting ourselves into trouble. Yes, Jesus gives us our freedom just as I give Angel some freedom. But, just as I constantly watch out for Angel, I think that Jesus constantly watches out for us. Jesus doesn’t discipline us to be cruel or to have things His own way. Jesus disciplines us because He loves us and wants us to be safe. It’s good to know that we are under the constant watchful and loving eye of Jesus.



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