Choosing a Leader for a Nation

8 09 2012

Israel wanted a king, so God let them choose one. They chose a tall, dark, and handsome man, Saul. Saul failed them miserably. When Saul failed, God had already chose a new king. This new king was a young shepherd boy named David, the son of Jesse. David wasn’t very popular. As a matter of fact, when Samuel asked Jesse to call his sons, Jesse forgot all about David. But God didn’t forget about David and David turned Israel into a great nation. Why did God choose David, and how did David turn Israel into a great nation? The answer is simple, David was a man after God’s own heart. In other words, David’s heart was in harmony with God’s heart.

How should we choose a leader? We need to look and see what God wants in a leader and find the person who possesses those qualities. We can pick a leader as the Israelite people did, or we can trust God to show us the right person for the job. Ask God who should you choose, He’ll tell you. Trust in God.



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